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Blood Pressure Monitor

Product detail:

FDA approval blood Pressure Monitor unit, Easy Operation with One Button (Power button) to Start and Stop, 3 Readings in one measure (high, low and heart rate), large LCD size easy to read.

Measure Accuracy                       Pressure +,- 3mm Hg

Measure Range                            Pressure: 0-299 mm HG     Pulse 40-199 pulse/Min

Automatic Power off                   Approx 3 mins

Cuf size:                                     Wrist circumference approx.  size 13.5-21.5 cm

LCD size                                     47x39mm

Storage Memory                         2×90 sets

Power Source                             2pcs AAA batteries

Color of product                         White


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Wrist Blood Pressure monitor, U.S FDA approval, one button system, user friendly for professional and home use.